Ayalew H. Assen

Ayalew H. Assen

PhD Students
PhD Student

Research Interests

Ayalew Assen’s research interest concern the design, synthesis and characterization of new Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) that can be used for various technological applications.

Selected Publications

  • Coordination polymers of uranium(IV) terephthalates
    C. Falaise, A. Assen, I. Mihalcea, C. Volkringer , A. Mesbah, N. Dacheux and T. Loiseau
    Dalton Trans., 44, 2639-2649, (2015)
  • Education

    • M.Sc., Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry (ASC), University of Lille 1, Lille, France, 2013
    • M.Sc., Organic Chemistry, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2009
    • B.Ed., Chemistry, Debub University, Dilla, Ethiopia, 2006

    Professional Profile

    2009-2011: Assistant Lecturer, Dilla University, Ethiopia

    KAUST Affiliations

    Advanced Membranes & Porous Materials Center (AMPM)
    Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE)