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  • Metal−Organic Framework Diversity via Heterocoordination of a Multifunctional Ligand: SrAl2 and a Novel (3,4)-Connected Network
    Jarrod F. Eubank, Rosa D. Walsh, Pankaj Poddar, Hariharan Srikanth, Randy W. Larsen, and Mohamed Eddaoudi
    Crystal Growth & Design, 2006, 6 (6), pp 1453–1457
MOF SrAl2 ABW magnetic fluorescence
  • Molecular building blocks approach to the assembly of zeolite-like metal–organic frameworks (ZMOFs) with extra-large cavities
     Yunling Liu, Victor Ch. Kravtsov, Randy W. Larsen and Mohamed Eddaoudi
    Chem. Commun., 2006, 1488-1490
MOF, MOFs, Metal Organic framework, Metal Organic Frameworks, Zeolite like metal organic framework, ZMOF, ZMOFs, Zeolite, rho, sodalite, imidazole, template, molecular building block, building blocks, MBB, MBBs
  • Single-metal-ion-based molecular building blocks (MBBs) approach to the design and synthesis of metal–organic assemblies
    Jacilynn A. Brant, Yunling Liu, Dorina F. Sava, Derek A. Beauchamp, Mohamed Eddaoudi
    Journal of Molecular Structure Volume 796, Issues 1-3, 30 August 2006, Pages 160-164
Coordination polymers; Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs); Zeolite-like metal–organic frameworks; Porous materials; Single-metal-ion based MBBs