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  • Ultra-tuning of the rare-earth fcu-MOF aperture size for selective molecular exclusion of branched paraffins
    A.H. Assen, Y. Belmabkhout, K. Adil, P.M. Bhatt, D.-X Xue, H. Jiang, M. Eddaoudi
    Angew. Chem. Ed. Int., (2015)
Hydrocarbons, Isoreticular chemistry, Metal–organic frameworks, Molecular sieves, Separation
  • MOF crystal chemistry paving the way to gas storage needs: aluminum based soc-MOF for CH4, O2 and CO2 storage
    D. Alezi, Y. Belmabkhout, M. Suetin, P.M. Bhatt, L.J. Weselinski, V. Solovyeva, K. Adil, I. Spanopoulos, P.N. Trikalitis, A. Emwas, and M. Eddaoudi
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137 (41), pp. 13308–13318, (2015)
MOF crystal chemistry
  • A facile solvent-free synthesis route for the assembly of a highly CO2 selective and H2S tolerant NiSIFSIX metal–organic framework
    O. Shekhah, Y. Belmabkhout, K. Adil , P. M. Bhatt , A. J. Cairns, M. Eddaoudi
    Chem. Commun., 51, 13595-13598, (2015)
Metal organic frameworks (MOFs)
  • Ag29(BDT)12(TPP)4: a tetravalent nanocluster
    L.G. AbdulHalim, M.S. Bootharaju, Q. Tang, S. Del Gobbo, R.G. AbdulHalim, M. Eddaoudi, D. Jiang, O.M. Bakr
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137 (37), 11970–11975, (2015)
  • Versatile rare earth hexanuclear clusters for the design and synthesis of highly-connected ftw-MOFs
    R. Luebke, Y. Belmabkhout, Ł.J. Weselinski, A.J. Cairns, M. Alkordi, G. Norton, Ł. Wojtas, K. Adil . M. Eddaoudi
    Chem. Sci., 6, 4095-4102, (2015)
Metal organic frameworks (MOFs)
  • Insights on Capacitive interdigitated electrodes coated with MOF thin films: humidity and VOCs sensing as a case study
    C. Sapsanis, H. Omran, V. Chernikova, O. Shekhah, Y. Belmabkhout, U. Buttner, M. Eddaoudi K.N. Salama
    Sensors, 15(8), 18153-18166, (2015)
Metal organic frameworks (MOFs), Thin films, Porous materials, Interdigitated electrodes (IDEs), Gas sensor test setup, Humidity sensors, Capacitive sensors, Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Remote Stabilization of Copper Paddlewheel Based Molecular Building Blocks in Metal–Organic Frameworks
    W.-Y. Gao, R. Cai, T. Pham, K.A. Forrest, A. Hogan, P. Nugent, K. Williams, L. Wojtas, R. Luebke, Ł.J. Weseliński, M.J. Zaworotko, B. Space, Y.-S. Chen, M. Eddaoudi, X. Shi, S. Ma
    Chem. Mater. 27, 2144-2151, (2015)
Copper, Molecular Building Blocks, Metal–Organic Frameworks
  • Tunable rare earth fcu-MOF platform: access to adsorption kinetics driven gas/vapor separations via pore size contraction
    D.-X. Xue, Y. Belmabkhout, O. Shekhah, H. Jiang, K. Adil, A.J. Cairns, and M. Eddaoudi
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137 (15), pp 5034–5040, (2015)
Tunable rare earth fcu-MOF platform
  • Quest for anionic MOF membranes: continuous sod-ZMOF membrane with CO2 adsorption-driven selectivity
    B.A. Al-Maythalony, O. Shekhah, R. Swaidan, Y. Belmabkhout, I. Pinnau, and M. Eddaoudi
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137 (5), pp 1754–1757, (2015)
Anionic MOF membranes
  • Quest for highly connected metal–organic framework platforms: rare-earth polynuclear clusters versatility meets net
    topology needs
    D. Alezi, A.M.P. Peedikakkal, Ł.J. Weseliński, V. Guillerm, Y. Belmabkhout, A.J. Cairns, Z. Chen, Ł. Wojtas, and M. Eddaoudi
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137 (16), pp 5421–5430, (2015)
Metal–organic framework platforms, Rare-earth polynuclear clusters
  • A supermolecular building layer approach for gas separation and storage applications: the eea and rtl MOF platforms for
    CO2 capture and hydrocarbon separation
    Z. Chen, K. Adil, Ł.J. Weseliński, Y. Belmabkhouta and M. Eddaoudi
    J. Mater. Chem. A, 3, 6276-6281, (2015) 
Supermolecular building layer
  • Zeolite-like metal-organic frameworks (ZMOFs): design, synthesis, and properties
    M. Eddaoudi, D.F. Sava, J.F. Eubank, K. Adil and V. Guillerm 
    Chem. Soc. Rev., 44, 228-249, (2015)
MOFs, Design, ZMOFs, rho-ZMOF, sod-ZMOF, MOC
  • Fabrication and non-covalent modification of highly oriented thin films of a zeolite-like metal–organic framework (ZMOF)
    with rho topology
    О. Shekhah, A. Cadiau, and M. Eddaoudi
    Cryst. Eng. Comm., 17, 290-294, (2015)
ZMOF, rho, PSM, Post-synthetic functionalization, Thin film