New group members!

Welcome to our new colleagues, Ali and Towsif

The FMD3 group is pleased to welcome Mr. Ali Alansari (research technician) and Sk Md Towsif Abtab​ (post-doctoral fellows)​​​

Mr Ali Alansari​

Ali's research is related to the treatment of water using membrane.  His activity is also dedicated to support the research of the group. 

Ali holds a MSc in Nanotechnology in 2012 from Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

Dr. Sk Md Towsif Abtab

Towsif's research is related to the development of solid adsorbents (Metal Organic Frameworks, with characteristics of high surface area) that selectively adsorb CO2 at partial pressures applicable to carbon capture and separation (CCS). 

Towsif holds a PhD from Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (2012, India).​