Advanced Membranes & Porous Materials Center Hosts KAUST Research Conference

AMPM Center Hosts KAUST Research Conference

AMPMC consists of dedicated faculty, researchers and master’s and Ph.D. students who study novel polymeric, inorganic and hybrid compounds and advanced membranes and porous materials. Research in AMPMC is organized under four interrelated themes: novel functional materials, novel porous materials, advanced membranes and industrial applications. The center seeks to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve the environment in collaboration with academia and industry.


The conference focused on the areas of membranes for energy-enhanced output, such as natural gas separations and petrochemical separations; clean environment, such carbon capture and separation; and novel functional materials, such as porous materials for gas storage and separations, controlled drug delivery and other biomedical applications. It was supported by KAUST’s Office of Competitive Research Funds (OCRF).

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