Welcome to Amandine Cadiau

Welcome to Amandine Cadiau as a post-doctoral fellow

The FMD3 group is pleased to welcome Dr. Amandine Cadiau as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.
Amandine's research is concerned with the synthesis and characterization of new Metal Organic Frameworks.
Because the structure of these crystalline materials is essential to understand the relationship with properties, like gas sorption, she developed a strong background on structure determination by powder or single-crystal diffractometry. She has also developed skills in solid state NMR and photoluminescence characterization.
Amandine holds a PhD from the Universite du Maine (2010, France) and was awarded for her thesis by the French Society of Crystallography. She also worked as a post-doctoral fellow in several prestigious research groups, Inorganic chemistry group, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany(2011); CICECO, Aveiro University, Portugal (2012); Porous solid materials group, Institut Lavoisier, Université de Versailles-St. Quentin en Yveline, Versailles, France (2013).