the amazing rht story continues, with rht-MOF-9

FMD3 scientists applied Supramolecular Building Block (SBB) strategy to construct the first example of rht-MOF having polycyclic core.

The new rht-MOF-9 was synthesized from predesigned poliheterocyclic nitrogen-rich hexacarboxylate ligand to result in highly porous material of interesting H2 and CO2 adsorption properties.
CGD 1.png
The ligand codes for the in situ formation of the targeted 24-connected copper-based supermolecular building block (SBB) having rhombicuboctahedral geometry. This combination of a 24-connected building block linked through 3-connected nodes results in a novel material with the singular rht topology.
Their unprecedented findings have been accepted for publication in Crystal Growth & Design