TOPOS school

FMD3 group hosted the world famous scientist Mike O'Keeffe for the TOPOS school


To help for the design of new materials and the understanding of their networks related properties, strong knowledge in topology is a crucial factor. Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi, PI of the FMD3 group is really concerned about providing the opportunity to the Kaust scientific community to develop new skills. For this purpose, his group recently hosted the world famous scientist from the University of Arizona, Prof. Mike O'Keeffe and Dr. Charlotte Bonneau for a one week intensive workshop on nets and topology.

More than 20 students and scientists from various research centers attended the daily classes, and enjoyed the opportunity to discuss their own projects with two specialists. No doubt the science conducted in Kaust will beneficiate from this work shop very soon.

Social activity was also part of the schedule, including a boat cruise.

 Mike and Charlotte enjoying the sunset boatcruise
Prof. O'Keeffe and Prof. Eddaoudi during the sunset cruise. Thumbs up!

This week was a real success, and the FMD3 group want to thank again Prof. Mike O'Keeffe and Dr. Charlotte Bonneau for sharing their skills, their point of view and for taking time to answer the many questions from the audience.

Prof. Mike O'Keeffe, Dr. Charlotte Bonneau, Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi and some of the participant to the TOPOS school during the sunset cruise