13 September, 2013

Congratulations to Amy Cairns for her post-doc position in Pacific Northwest National Lab

Amy Cairns moved to a Post-Doc position in Pacific Northwest National Lab.

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17 September, 2013

FMD3 hiring immediate post-doc to work on materials characterization, adsorption, gas separation

FMD3 hiring immediate post-doc to work on materials characterization, adsorption, gas separation

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02 June, 2013

Nature Middle East highlights the novel rare-earth fcu-MOF platform discovered by FMD3 scientists

Scientists from KAUST FMD3 group have discovered and developed a unique, efficient, inexpensive, and reusable metal-organic framework (MOF) platform, based on the 12-connected fcu topology.

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08 October, 2013

Welcome to Amandine Cadiau as a post-doctoral fellow

The FMD3 group is pleased to welcome Dr. Amandine Cadiau as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.

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30 November, 2013

FMD3 scientists developped a unique amine functionalization strategy to enhance CO2 sorption properties

A novel porous organic polymer has been synthesized, using the molecular building block approach, to deliberately encompass aldehyde functionalities, amenable to post functionalization.

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04 December, 2013

FMD3/AMPM scientists apply the liquid phase epitaxy approach to fabricate ultra-thin and defect-free ZIF-8 Membranes and studied its Pure and mixed gas transport properties

The liquid-phase epitaxy (LPE) method was effectively implemented to deliberately grow/construct ultrathin (0.5-1 μm) continuous and defect-free ZIF-8 membranes. Permeation properties of different gas pair systems (O2/N2, H2/CO2, CO2/CH4, C3H6/C3H8, CH4/n-C4H10 were studied using the time lag technique.

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11 December, 2013

FMD3 scientists developed a convenient procedure for scalable preparation of two important organic building blocks

A catalytic, high yielding procedure for the synthesis of 9H-carbazole-3,6-dicarbo-nitrile has been developed, following its facile hydrolytic transformation to 9H-carbazole-3,6-dicarboxylic acid. Both compounds are versatile building blocks for material science, medicinal and supramolecular chemistry.

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14 January, 2014

FMD3 scientists applied Supramolecular Building Block (SBB) strategy to construct the first example of rht-MOF having polycyclic core.

The new rht-MOF-9 was synthesized from predesigned poliheterocyclic nitrogen-rich hexacarboxylate ligand to result in highly porous material of interesting H2 and CO2 adsorption properties.

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12 February, 2014

School on Topological Crystal Chemistry

The study of topology is important for describing the structures and determining the properties of porous materials, such as zeolites and metal–organic frameworks. Such approaches can also be helpful in the designed synthesis of new materials. The school will focus on the theory of topology and the use of computer programs to aid in the analysis of structures.

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24 February, 2014

Research from FMD3/AMPM group highlighted as a front cover in ChemComm!

Congratulations to Osama, Raja, Youssef, Marike, Tia, Prof. Len Barbour, Prof. Ingo Pinnau and Prof. Eddaoudi for their work highlighted as a front cover in Chemical Communications.

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